• he countries where ‘We the People’ is actually lived. The countries which live by the concept of Positive and Negative Energies even today. The countries which symbolize undying spirit in the midst of natural and manmade calamities. Come experience them. Visit Mt Fuji, witness the ethereal site of Cherry Blossoms, ride the famous Bullet Train, […]

  • Australia – the land of Kangaroos, Forests, Wineyards, Apostles, Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera and the Gold Coast!! A place where you will find Aborigines living their usual lives. It is modern, it is ethnic and it is beautiful!!! New Zealand – the land where there are more sheep and cows than humans. Self drive […]

  • The ultimate fantasy for any couple – the Pacific Islands!! They offer the ultra luxury amidst crystal clear waters, nature and warm hospitality. Pay visit to some of the exotic marine life in these areas or simply enjoy surfing!! These destinations offer you everything that can you think of – from Mountains to Sea to […]

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