The World is a Book, and those who do not Travel read only one page – as quoted by revered Saint Augustine truly personifies Blue Duck Holidays genesis. Blue Duck – a rare species of duck found in New Zealand is a fast swimmer and also features on it certain currency notes. Blue Duck for us symbolises travelling in all directions through all modes of transport. It also personifies freedom from daily routine, freedom to explore the unknown, freedom to shed away the responsibilities, freedom to enjoy fully with friends, family and loved ones – in essence freedom of the inner childlike self – the spirit – to wander, live and breathe.

Ruchika Gupta Raut, the Promoter of Blue Duck Holidays and die-hard travel buff lives to travel to places, explore them, embrace them and experience the magic that each destination has to offer.

Today, in the age of software programmes, what is missing is the personal touch, service and right technical guidance (visa, tickets, local information, etc.) while planning one’s holidays.

Ruchika, a travel enthusiast, felt this lacuna herself and from this need was born – BLUE DUCK HOLIDAYS!!! BDH’s sole aim is to provide Convenient, Efficient and Affordable Travel Planning – with personal touch to known and unknown destinations.

The Travel Packages are carefully crafted based on clients’ requisites and our experience – each client being special!!

Our Products and Services

We believe that every guest has unique requirements and hence we “Bespoke” – customize holidays for our guests after thoroughly understanding their needs, tastes and preferences. In the heightened competitive environment, it is the prompt one-stop-shop service that we offer which distinguishes us from the rest.

We believe that most people travel once to a destination and they wish to enjoy and relax with their loved ones. That is exactly what we provide them with – a holiday of a lifetime without any headache of organizing it. We provide a 360o Travel Solution including services like:

* Assisting is Destination Selection

* Providing Destination Info

* Travel Tips

* Hotel Selection

* Sightseeing

* Budgeting

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